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Congratulations on your decision to investigate business ownership.  You can greatly benefit by reading this entire letter. 

The majority of wealth in this country is controlled by the few.  The majority of those who control the wealth did not accomplish this by being an employee (working for someone else).

In our current economic environment it is nearly impossible for the average person to make steady gains from real estate and stock market investing.

This leaves one clear choice for wealth creation.   Business ownership.

Most people don't enjoy their job or make enough money.  If you are in that group, wouldn't you finally like to take steps to create a prosperous future for you and your family?  Haven't you always thought about starting your own business?

Few companies and corporations exhibit employee loyalty like they once did.  Job security is a thing of the past.

How can you create security, equity, and satisfaction?  Business ownership.

For most however creating the "idea" and then building successful systems around it is a monumental task.  That is why many independent startups don't even last 5 years.

Why Franchising?

One practical solution is franchising.  A franchise is a proven model with all systems already created, tested, and in place.  Franchising allows you to buy into a turn key system.  All the knowledge, training, and access to products and services will be provided for you.

Most franchises are still in business 5-10 years later.  Plus franchise financing can be looked at more favorably by lenders as a franchise is a proven model.  Lastly as you make your franchise successful, you are building equity for your future. 

Why Use a Franchise Consultant?

Now that you understand the benefits of franchising - why use a franchise consultant?  Most people who search on the internet for a franchise fail.  Why?  First most only know a few major brands (McDonalds, Dunkin Doughnuts, etc.), and then don't meet the financial requirements of those brands.  Also territory availability is usually an issue as well. 

Many directly contact the individual franchise they are interested in.  At the least this can be a colossal waste of time for both you and the franchisor, and at the worst be extremely dangerous.  You will learn why as you finish reading this letter.   As your franchise consultant - I have access to over 400 different franchise concepts (see franchise categories on the top left hand side of this page).  I will interview you, learn about your interests, strengths, and financial capacity.   Then I will use my tools to try and match you to the perfect concept based on your requirements.

My organized process will save you money, time, and energy.  I  will bring to your attention concepts that fit your personal situation, and concepts you probably wouldn't have found on your own.

How Much Does It Cost for Consultant Services?

My service is FREE.  You will never pay one more cent for a franchise by using this expert franchise matching service.  I am paid by the franchisors.  They pay me because they love the fact that we bring them capable, serious, and financially qualified candidates which also saves them time and money.

Most consultants have one goal.  To help you find the right franchise.   

I will assist you with 2 major tasks:  

1. Help you find the perfect franchise. 

2. Help you reduce your financial risk.

Therefore it's imperative we investigate your joining a franchise using an organized and thoughtful approach.  One that meets your requirements while trying to reduce risk.  This second goal of reducing your financial risk is almost never considered when you go straight to the franchisor (and even with most consultants).  This is a critical point - probably the most important piece of information in this letter.

Why Work With Me?

In addition to the two goals listed above, there are a few other noteworthy reasons why you would benefit to try my service:

1.  Where most consultants read about success and then tell you about it - I have been a business owner and consultant for the last 12 years and have personally generated millions of dollars in income.  I'm sure few consultants can honestly make that claim.  Don't you want to work with an expert - especially if there is no cost for doing so?

2.  Unlike many consultants who will introduce you to a franchisor, and then be off to the next client - I will hold your hand throughout the entire process.

3.  I am a certified life coach.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Make the Call

If you truly want to change your future - take the next step and call me at 888-777-9611.  There is no cost or obligation for this service now or ever.  Lets talk for 5 or 10 minutes and see if working together makes sense.  If during that call you don't feel it will be a beneficial relationship - we will part as friends, and I won't contact you anymore.   If you do try my free service – I will send you your first Franchise Million dollar bill (if you haven’t already received one).  I look forward to your call.

Franchise MillionBest Regards,

Franchise Million

Joel Wasserman


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